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Are you having trouble with your garage door? A broken garage door cable could be the origin of the problem. If your garage door cable snaps and you cannot use them properly, it can put your life in danger. If that’s the case, you need immediate garage door cable repair.

Having high-quality service can be expensive most of the time. However, we offer the best cable for your garage doors. Rest assured that you’re in good hands. We have a team of professional garage repairman that have the skills to get the job done correctly. You can call us anytime in case you need an urgent garage door repair service.

At Ultimate Garage Door Repair, we offer high-quality garage door cables, and we have different sizes of cables that can match any door.

Our certified technicians provide same-day service, even on weekends. We also offer a warranty on labor and parts.

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Signs That You Need to Replace your Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables should be inspected at least once a year and replaced if they are broken. The most common issue is when the cables begin to fray. Call us seven days a week if you notice one of the following issues:

Old Cables

garage door cable repair

One indication that you need garage door cable repair is your old cables. If you haven’t changed them for years now, it could lead to snapped garage door cable and put you at risk. In addition, old wires can suffer from wear and tear due to years of using them. As a result, you may end up having a faulty garage door.


snapped garage door cable repair

If your metal cables start to erode, you should replace them immediately. A deteriorated metal cable could eventually result in a broken garage door cable and could cause unnecessary accidents.

Unwound Cables

jammed garage door cable repair

Garage doors need to be in their best condition and have the right amount of tension on their wires and spring to function correctly. Assuming your torsion garage door springs are faulty, it would cause your garage door to be unbalanced, and the cables can become unwound.

The Safety Cables

garage door safety cables

One way to support your garage door springs is to have safety cables. The safety cable is placed on each end of the springs that are attached to the walls. If you have an extension spring system, we recommend you install this cable to keep your garage door springs from flying throughout your garage door in case it breaks. 

If you have a broken garage door cable, your spring could result in dangerous high tension. In this case, it could cause injuries and accidents. However, you can avoid this scenario by installing safety cables to prevent the garage door from falling.

If you want to have a safety cable for your automatic garage door, contact us so that we can install one right away. We have a team of certified garage door technicians that will help you set up your safety cables. Call us now!

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