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Keeping the garage door opener in the best condition consists of routine maintenance and regular inspections. The opener is constantly in use, especially if you access the garage every day. Keep it in shape so you don’t need to experience big issues in the garage. If you are looking for a service that offers affordable, high-quality services, we are available all the time. Our team of certified technicians provides garage door opener repair for common opener issues. From broken gears to loose chain drives, we can fix the problem in your door opener. 

We also offer garage door opener installation for a lot of well-known brands such as LiftMaster Opener. Our replacement services are available for old openers and all kinds of garages in all properties.

Our services are available all days of the week. You can count on us for Same-Day service during the weekends as well. We offer only lasting repairs and installations. Your satisfaction and feeling of comfort is our goal. As such, we give our professional services with a warranty in labor and parts. 

If you have any post-service concerns, give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you with your opener.

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garage door opener repair service
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Common garage door opener issues

It would be best if you prepare for any issue regarding the door opener. Because it is always in use, you can’t avoid some minor concerns from time to time. So it’s better to be prepared for these scenarios instead.

  • Non-functional wall unit or remote-  the remote control device, i.e., wall switch or hand-held remote control, doesn’t command the opener well
  • Broken gear- the gears of the drive and the opener are broken
  • Faulty motherboard- the motherboard of the opener malfunctions
  • Sensor issues- your garage has missing or damaged sensors 
  • Loose chain- the opener has a loose chain-drive or belt-drive

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

If you’re not sure whether you need to get your opener repaired or replaced, consider these causes as a reason to book for a garage door opener repair service:

Grinding Noises

Broken gears often make a lot of noise inside the garage. If you hear grinding noises, check the opener. Also, check the chain or belt that drives the door up or down the tracks. If there’s anything stuck within the rails of the driver, it can result in noises and unnecessary vibrations in the garage.

The Garage Door Opener is Not Closing Normally (Sensors)​

The opener of the doors to the garage has switches and knobs. For example, the closing switch and opening switch controls the height that the door travels along the tracks. On the other hand, the force adjustments control the door’s sensitivity as it moves along the path.

Opener Reversing Feature Doesn’t Work

The only way to control the opener is via a garage door keypad or a garage door remote. These devices send the signal to open the door automatically. However, faulty remote control devices can result in stubborn doors or an unresponsive door opener.

The Remote Keypad or Control of the Garage Door Opener is not Responding

The only way to control the opener is via a garage door keypad or a garage door remote. These devices send the signal to open the door automatically. However, faulty remote control devices can result in stubborn doors or an unresponsive door opener.

Emergency Release is Pulled Down

One way to access the garage manually is via an emergency release. When you pull down a release cord (should be near the opener), the door disengages from the opener. This way, you can open the garage manually for inspection. Put back the garage door emergency release in its original position or the garage door won’t open automatically afterward. 

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Types of Garage Door Openers

If you don’t know which opener to choose for the garage, there’s good news for you! You won’t run out of choices and options in the market. Such openers can come from big brands like the LiftMaster Opener. The essential thing is to choose the opener model that will suit your garage.

Belt-Driven Opener


The belt-drive opener is a contender of the chain-drive. They work in a similar mechanism; however, you have a belt around the loop instead of a chain.

Advantages of a Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener:

  • Belt-drive openers are more silent when working in contrast to chain-drive openers.
  • Belt-drive openers need less maintenance than chain-drive.
  • Battery backup.

Chain-Driven Opener


One type of opener is the chain-drive. Most homeowners choose the chain-drive opener due to its reliability and popularity. A chain moves around the rail and cycles to move the motor that lifts the door.

Advantages of a Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener:

  • It’s an affordable opener unit for anybody who is just starting their garage.
  • The chains are durable, and you can rely on this material to lift any heavy door weight.

Wall Mount Opener


Commercial locations use openers to open commercial doors too. The wall mount opener, also known as, jackshaft garage door opener, is the most suitable opener for such settings. Wall-mount openers are also most beneficial for residential high-lift garage doors.

Advantages of a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener:

  • Wall mount openers are installed on the side of the door tracks. It saves a lot of usable space in commercial settings and high-ceiling garages.
  • It doesn’t use a chain or belt in its mechanism, thus limiting noise and recurring vibrations.

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