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One of the great things about a panel garage door is that they’re made of multiple, detachable panels. Hence, if a panel breaks, you can simply take that panel out and replace it with a new one. 

Panel replacement offers a cost-effective and reasonable alternative to garage door replacement. Instead of changing your entire door due to a small damaged area, you only need to replace the affected panels.

It happens only rarely that an entire garage door becomes damaged. Usually, only some of the panels become bent, broken, or dented. Garage door panel replacement is ideal in cases like this. 

If you need a reliable company to replace your panels, call Ultimate Garage Door Repair. Our team consists of expert and licensed garage door technicians. We’ve also partnered with known brands to provide accurate panel replacement for most garage doors. 

If you need our service, call us at any time and any day. We are open, even on weekends with no extra charge. We also guarantee you the quality of our service by offering a warranty on our labor and parts.

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Different Garage Door Panel Damages

Garage doors are built with durable and long-lasting materials. However, they’re not damage-proof. After some time, garage doors deteriorate. They can also suffer from strong impacts and harsh weather conditions.

Old Age

Garage door panels that are old will show evident signs of wear and tear on the surface. It may be in the form of dents, chips, scratches, discoloration, or rusting. Regardless, having a worn-out and dented panel is not attractive.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Strong winds have the power to carry huge debris such as rocks and other objects. Likewise, storms may also carry hail or sleet. When these solid items hit your door, you might end up with dented panels.

Impact Damage

Dented panels can result from minor impacts, such as when your door got hit by a stone or sports ball. On the other hand, collisions and strong impacts will leave you with broken panels. They can also lead to an off-track garage door and bent panels.

garage door panel replacement
garage door panel replacement

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Let’s say you accidentally hit your garage door with a baseball bat. This caused an irreversible dent on your door’s surface. Would you rather change the damaged panel or replace your entire door? Of course, you’d choose the former!

When Should You Replace Panels?

In panel replacement, your technician will only take out the impaired panel and install a new one. If the damage is not extensive, garage door panel replacement is the practical and logical solution. That’s because replacing a single or a few panels is less expensive than replacing all your door panels.

On the other hand, door replacement entails changing your entire garage door system. Apart from replacing the damaged panels, you’ll also take out and change the panels that are in good condition. 

That sounds wasteful. However, there are many instances wherein a garage door replacement is necessary instead of panel replacement.

  • All panels are severely damaged
  • Most panels have been impaired, such that the cost of replacing your door is lower than replacing the damaged panels
  • You have a discontinued garage door model
  • No panel replacement is available for your door
  • You want to upgrade to a newer and better garage door 
  • Your door panels are old and worn-out

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