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Garage door rollers are necessary parts in a garage. Rollers provide support for the smooth operation of the door panels inside the tracks. However, any damage to a single roller can make your garage an unsafe place to be.

Having reliable and high-quality service can be costly most of the time. However, we offer our garage door roller replacements. We offer our professional services that cover a wide selection of rollers for all types of garage doors. You can rely on us to give your rollers a replacement all days of the week, including weekends.

Our replacement service comes with a service warranty for labor and parts. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that fully functional rollers can offer to your garage. So count on us for reliable and urgent services with our Same-Day replacements.

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Signs You Need to Replace Garage Door Rollers

It’s unfortunate many homeowners don’t have the time to check the tracks. Instead, take some warning signs that indicate the condition of the rollers. Many tell-tale signs can tell you that you need a replacement for your current rollers.

Worn Roller Wheel

The rollers are worn out, and the door panels are off-track.

Roller Doesn't Spin

The roller is stubborn and doesn’t spin within the shaft.

Excessive Vibration

The roller is stubborn and doesn’t spin within the shaft.

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Types of Garage Door Rollers

There are three main types of door rollers. Many manufacturers and brands sell these rollers for all garage owners. Choose the rollers that fit your needs best. 

Nylon Rollers

nylon garage door rollers

The most long-lasting rollers in the market are nylon garage door rollers. Nylon is a flexible material. Despite the lightweight nature of nylon polymer, nylon rollers are very durable.


Nylon rollers are the most silent rollers for door movement along the tracks.


The nylon rollers are the most expensive door rollers in the market.

Steel Rollers

steel garage door rollers

Steel rollers are more durable than plastic rollers. Moreover, because of the sturdy material of the wheels and stem, steel rollers can carry heavy weights of door material more efficiently.


Steel rollers have ball bearings that help in supporting the movement of the doors in the garage.


Steel components corrode in time and get more effects from exposure to external elements. It’s common to find rust in unmaintained parts of the rollers.

Plastic Rollers

plastic garage door rollers

Plastic rollers are the most common type of rollers for all garages. Many brands and sets of doors come with the standard plastic roller.


Plastic rollers are the most affordable type of rollers. For a reasonable amount, the rollers can last up to three years of constant use.


If you’re looking for more durable alternatives, plastic rollers are the last thing you should install in your garage. You can upgrade to steel or nylon rollers for longevity.

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